While seven sports wait to have their appeals heard by UK Sport as to whether they will receive any funding, in contrast a £16.9m grant to UK Netball has been announced. 

The grant intended for use at grass root and elite level is intended to raise adult participation levels and assist in preparations for 2019 World Cup, which is being held in Liverpool.   

After attending with my daughter my first ever International Netball match on Sunday, a highly tense and exciting England defeat to Australia (47-46) it was striking and welcome to see how female dominated was the crowd, with many evidently associated with local clubs.

It is a truism that international sport inspires participation and wider participation will inspire and promote international sports success. To this end netball (like woman's hockey feeding off Olympic success) has a real chance to develop and grow.

To the sports that will be denied funding however the reverse is true and whilst this is to be mourned, sports that offer the greatest chance of participation must be favoured where public money is involved.